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Draft License Application

On March 27, 2015, KHL filed the Draft License Application (DLA) with FERC.   The filing included the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Table of Contents and Acronyms/Abbreviations
  • Initial Statement
  • Exhibit A - Project Description
  • Exhibit B - Project Operations and Resource Utilization
  • Exhibit C - Construction Schedule
  • Exhibit D - Project Costs and Financing
  • Exhibit E -  Environmental Analysis, including attachments:
    • Attachment E-1 - consultation record and documentation [full record of consultation documentation not provided herein; available on FERC’s e-library]
    • Attachment E-2 - Aquatic Mapping and Instream Flow Study, Final Report Addendum
    • Attachment E-3 - Terrestrial Resources Study, Final Report Addendum
  • Exhibit F - General Design Drawings and Supporting Information [public version]
  • Exhibit G - Project Boundary Maps
  • SHPO Concurrence [note: contains privileged information, no link provided]


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